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In Another Time...

Science fiction and fantasy magazine for short stories, flash fiction, and poems. Submissions currently closed for our first issue.  

The optional theme for this first edition will be beginnings. Stories that talk about fresh starts, or first-starts, like the first flight of a spaceship, or a phoenix reborn, or... you get the idea.


Also looking for non-fiction topics such as discussions of the writing/publishing process, current science topics, scholarly pieces on other sci-fi/fantasy works, or real tales from the past.


Rates will be current market average ($0.01/word).   Short story lengths should be kept between 3,000-5,000 words. Will also be open to flash fiction (< than 1,500) and poems. Any contracts will look for exclusive publishing rights for 6 months.


Also, no AI submissions. Unless of course you're writing about AI. That's okay. But no asking AI’s to write about AI's, or generate artwork using AI. We don't want to awaken the machines...


As a final note, the goal of this venture is to have fun and hopefully get some people published for the first time. I hope others will have fun with this as well, and I look forward to reading/gazing at your work!


Please submit by using the following email and pasting your work into the body of the email:

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